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 Alexey Navalny is now grand-standing against the Russian government, as he often does, announcing he plans to sue Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin Spokesman for suggesting he worked with US intelligence. Navalny proclaimed: “You know, I very rarely take propagandists to court, even though they lie about me all day long. I simply don’t want to waste time. However, this is a direct statement from a government official. Therefore, firstly, I’m filing a lawsuit against Peskov… I demand the publication of evidence and facts that point to ‘work with CIA specialists.’ Show it on television directly, during prime time. I’m giving you permission.”

There’s a reason Navalny has decided to theatrically throw up his arms. To those who are unfamiliar with the late cold war, and how geopolitical games are played by superpowers, Navalny seems correct. He clearly is not James Bond 007. He’s not wearing fake mustaches, engaging in assassinations and saving beautiful blonde supermodels.

However, outside of Hollywood, the kind or work that Navalny has engaged in as western capitalism’s favorite Russian dissident, is vitally important to intelligence agencies. Navalny has stated that he has no real intention of working within Russia’s established legal and constitutional mechanisms to bring about reform. Instead he is engaging in what he calls “street and network activism” and “direct action.” He’s also received quite a hefty sum of anonymous and crypto-currency contributions in order to do it.

His behavior comes straight out of the Zbiegnew Brzezinski, George Soros “late cold war” playbook. If one is curious as to why the CIA might be backing Navalny’s disruptions of Russian society, they should read Frank Kitson’s classic book “Gangs and Counter-Gangs” about how the British operated in Kenya, or perhaps the more recent writings of William S. Lind on the concept of “Fourth Generation Warfare” published by the US Marine Corps.

The use of “non-state actors,” i.e. “activists,” fanatics, religious cults, and political cadre organizations has been key in destabilizing countries and securing Washington’s economic and political domination of the planet. George Soros funneled money to all sorts of dissidents across the Eastern Bloc. Often these confused dissidents, with funding and publicity from western media mysteriously enabling their efforts, called themselves “democratic socialists” or advocates of “socialism with a human face.” However, in reality, they functioned as “useful idiots” for western capitalism, marching for “human rights” in order to pave the way for the economic wrecking ball of the IMF and World Bank to destroy the lives of their countryfolk.

Russia has many dissidents, of both leftist and right-wing persuasions. The Communist Party holds seats in the Duma and has long criticized Putin’s leadership. The Liberal Democratic Party is equally critical, and also holds elected office.

However, Navalny’s slick “dissent” seems to follow an odd pattern of serving Wall Street’s short-term needs. For example, the latest unproven but widespread claim that Navalny has been intentionally poisoned by the Russian government, comes just on the brink of the final stages of the Nordstream 2 pipeline project. Just as Germany is on the brink of buying loads of natural gas from Russia, and more closely solidifying its economic relationship with Russia, Navalny is in the headlines again.

The White House is very open about its drive for “energy dominance.” Washington wants Germans to import their natural gas from US fracking and energy corporations, not from their Russian neighbors.

The fact that Navalny’s “activism” so clearly follows the twists and turns of US foreign policy talking points, has caused the Ministry of Justice to declare Navalny’s “Fight Against Corruption” non-profit to be “acting as a foreign agent.” Of course, Navalny is crying foul. Declaring himself the “victim” of a “dictatorship” is a big part of the propaganda surrounding his image.

However, simply looking at the facts seems to indicate that saying the CIA and other western intelligence agencies are utilizing his efforts is not a stretch of the imagination by any means.

Originally published in The Greanville Post