The Octant
Insights and reporting from Caleb Maupin

"In this short but thought-provoking book, centred on the person of Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, Caleb Maupin dissects the current ruptures within the US ruling class around which the current election revolves, and the cultural developments influencing and, by implication, disarming their leftist critics...Maupin shows that Harris has been groomed since 2017 by the Clintonite wing of the Democratic Party, and had to be manoeuvred into being Biden’s running mate. Hillary Clinton’s State Department, he argues, pursued a more hawkish foreign policy than the Obama/Biden White House liked... as an outline analysis of the balance of class forces in the US it is full of illuminating insights."

- Helen Mercer, Morning Star

"Maupin’s ambitious essay surpasses the redundant analysis of the vice-presidential nominee by placing her political success in a broader historical context while forewarning the unique danger of a budding Harris administration waiting in the wings... Although not a biography, Maupin does link Harris’s psychological profile, personality traits and upbringing with her political career which he parallels with the life stories of previous presidents and other political figures... Maupin then uses Harris and her Berkeley upbringing to explore the history of leftism in the United States, tracing the New Left’s ceding of leadership roles to students and marginal groups while discarding labor rights and the class struggle back to the influence of the Frankfurt School of Social Theory... Maupin’s use of Harris and the environment she grew up in as a springboard to investigate the shortcomings of the Western left generally is a formidable exploration that is desperately needed at a time where the American people are faced with the probability of enduring yet another destructive administration and no authentic left to represent it."  '

- Max Parry, Greanville Post

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