The Octant
Insights and reporting from Caleb Maupin

On July 8th, at a small theater in Manhattan, one of the country’s most outspoken anti-capitalist voices debated a well-known figure of the Alt-Right. In this rare occurrence, articulate representatives of the  two ideologies that have been clashing in the streets had a chance to debate with words, not fists.

Representing the political left and socialism was Caleb Maupin, a journalist and political analyst. Maupin does not shy away from the word “Communism” and used the debate to present a unique vision for “Socialism with American Characteristics,” as well as to castigate the far-right for its bigotry and primitive thinking which dehumanizes immigrant workers, low income people, and others within US society. Representing the Alt-Right was Augustus Sol Invictus, a Republican Senate candidate who has been a headline speaker at “Unite The Right” rallies. Invictus was once a libertarian, but ended up being shunned in free market circles for his blatant use of fascist imagery and association with white nationalists.

The debate has been a big hit online, promoted by Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange through twitter, many took notice of how the exchange very much captured “the spirit of the times.”  The film of this civil debate, which did not shy away from controversial topics, would be ideal to show in a political science or sociology classroom, as representatives of two rising, but rather unknown trends in American politics. In this film the audience can hear two voices which may be labelled “extremist” speak openly and candidly about their respective world views, and the future of the country.