The Octant
Insights and reporting from Caleb Maupin


On Arts Express at WBAI radio, Prairie Miller interviews journalist Caleb Maupin who shares his ideas about the October Revolution, the Soviet Union, 'not-Capitalism' and much more!

Caleb's points:

  • October was " a rare moment in history", "an anomaly" where the Bolsheviks were able to become the ruling party, which changed world history
  • "I don't think anyone in October 1917 knew what was going to happen"
  • The actions of the Bolsheviks in October and after split the political Left; some forces on the Left denounced it after-the-fact
  • In October, it was not clear at all what Soviet power and the Revolution would proceed in
  • While they are romanticized in Soviet Historiography, "these were bad times", with hardship, famine, invasion, "some of the hardest times in Russian history"

Recorded by Arts Express with host Prairie Miller on WBAI radio 

100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution