Caleb is an acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst. Check out what people are saying about Caleb and his work.
"Caleb's work is insightful, rooted in a strong grasp of theory and embedded with critical analysis often lacking in today's journalists."

Cecily Mcmillan

"Inspired as much by Marx and Lenin as by Debs and Frederick Douglas, Caleb Maupin has put forward a uniquely American brand of socialism with provocative flair. Even if you don't agree with his vision, Maupin's political imagination and daring demands atttention."

Max Blumenthal

"Caleb Maupin is that voice, that professor, that sage you knew existed but never were lucky enough to meet."

Michael Lebron

Dare to Win

What others are saying

Bold and inspiring speech. A large span of topics but still very consistent. Thanks!Alfred Svahnberg
I am sure I disagree with you on a few things... But I am not sure where... Your analysis is always spot on.... Thank youLucas Marshall
I really enjoy this. Because of people like Caleb there is hope for USA.Thanks!H.R.

Feature Contributions

Energy Desperation or Why Trump Can’t Restore Relations with Russia
In UN Speech, Trump overlooks the achievements of Chinese Socialism
Why is the USA in Afghanistan? An Answer To the Big Question
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Caleb Maupin is a widely acclaimed speaker.